Zurich: The 520 piglets ended up in the bowl of our pets


ZürichThe 520 piglets ended up in the bowl of our pets

Switzerland is in a state of overproduction of pork. It begins to export… with sometimes some unforeseen events.

Despite even lower prices abroad, companies are forced to export their animals.


It’s a sad epic experienced by just over 500 piglets during the July heat wave. The story is told in the “SonntagsZeitung”. On that day, the animals are loaded onto a truck to be exported to a slaughterhouse in southern Germany to become suckling pigs. Or just before the border, end of the route. Germany prohibits the transport of animals on days when the outside temperature is too high.

What to do with the 520 piglets? The company in charge then seeks to find buyers. She tries a first slaughterhouse, but this one cannot. It was finally the slaughterhouse of the city of Zurich which was able to receive the animals, slaughter them and transform them into food for domestic animals, as confirmed by the cantonal veterinary service.

demand is falling

For the Zurich newspaper, the case is emblematic of the current problem: Switzerland has become too efficient in terms of pig farming while, at the same time, consumption is falling. Ten years ago, the Swiss ate an average of 25 kilos of pork per year. Today, it is 3.6 kilos less.

The situation does not satisfy anyone. Especially not breeders, who see lower prices and are forced to export where prices are even lower. A working group from the Suisseporcs association is seeking to implement solutions to solve the problem of excessive production, and by extension, that of too low prices.


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