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There is a first video in the first message
It’s the worst of all for me.

Yes absolutely for the Malou but I wondered why he provoked him from a short distance, staring him straight in the eyes, why he threatens him with his gestures and postures (what’s the point? to have images maybe be? he could have obtained natural reactions by going in the street for example), he then finds himself dangling him at the end of the leash and why he then says that it is the dog who provokes (when it is good he who provokes it). And then you see nothing, except the finality. Sur has no idea how long, he seems to say it took about an hour? If this is the case, that comes to say that his staging (provocation) was even more useless.
I don’t understand the but of such a video. It brings nothing to the dog (except to catalog the Malou a little more), nor to the people who watch, no one learns anything.
It will bring him views and customers if some are impressed enough perhaps.

For the third video, this is what appeals to me the most too, the passage where he explains that you have to speed up, specifying that this means being confident (?)
Indeed when we see them on the image going straight ahead without the master positioning himself as you explain, without Educdog specifying the importance of the positioning… I don’t understand.
The annoying thing about all of this is that I think many people might think they’re bad at not succeeding when it’s the technique that is unsuitable for all situations.
Of course sometimes it works, the dog does not trigger (we see it with reactive dogs which, when we jog for example, which is again different since we run all the time but hey, to say that ‘indeed they can defend themselves less but that doesn’t mean that they don’t trigger at all so it’s not enough to run to learn)

So is he really learning to manage contacts this way? no, he just learns to speed up and he eventually learns that speeding up = no problem if the other dog makes his way too.
But it is preferable, it seems to me, that an educator teaches his clients how to make a dog sociable, well in his paws, rather than teaching them how to flee.


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