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More and more people tell me that educs are useless, that we can very well learn EVERYTHING (!) on youtube Although they deny it, I have the impression that they rarely distinguish between basic education and behavior.

On walks, we also see more and more people very easily SUBJUGATED by an obedient dog when another, nearby, more autonomous, well in his paws, will go more unnoticed, he will be less interested, he will raise fewer questions. he doesn’t know how to do the same pirouettes or if he doesn’t walk as well on foot.

Basic education level, you can learn a lot of things in ytb video. But behavior level, no (apart from a very observant minority but that does not concern many people). This is really the limit for me and many masters do not take this into account (normal, we cannot all be fully connected to the dog, for me the fault lies above all with the professionals who try to make people believe that we can learn almost everything by listening to them, the formats lend themselves to it, the words chosen too, everything seems simple, accessible, they do not deny enough when necessary or do not warn enough, they do not never forget to caress potential customers in the direction of the hair “it is you the masters, who were going to change the world of the dog” etc).

In my eyes, they are hurting the profession and more broadly, dogs…
All that to make money, it seems… It’s really sad.

I saw that Esprit dog was trying to resell their video pacs to SPAs? including one from Lyon (I think?) which will, if I have understood correctly, “require” that future adopters buy the family or puppy pack if they want to access adoption.
I guess they went for that instead of advertising themselves and letting the customer come to them and choose. I don’t know, it bothers me terribly. Especially since they make a ridiculous discount of 5 euros (or 7).

The prices displayed also, since always “1000 euros” the espritdog pro training, at the price of “400 euros” (all year in fact), but who does not know it can jump on the occasion believing to benefit from a limited time offer.

Finally, their new fad too, to force the subscription to donate 50 cents to associations… In order to help them, supposedly.
If you really want to help them, why don’t you just write them a check? without having to tell the whole world?
Many of their fans find it too awesome, blinded by their fanaticism, unable to question anything.
And yet, I really like them but they are starting to disappoint me more and more.


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