X-Trem 34, an association to move with your dog

X-Trem34 was born from the desire of several enthusiasts to enhance, federate and promote this sport. Canicross, canitrail, canimarche, canirando, caniVTT, and canipaddle are offered.

“Canicross and CaniVTT are speed disciplines associated in the same effort, a dog and its master. Physical and playful, the objective is simple: go as fast as possible while respecting the pace of the animal and the animal -even. The canirando emphasizes the beauty of the landscapes traversed with her dog and a complicity with him”, explains Bérangère Pruvost, the president.

Open to all, these disciplines can be practiced in leisure or in competition. The seven graduates of the Federal Brevet d’Host 1 and 2 animators promise that each outing is adapted and scalable.

They are present and attentive also during training on the track in order to improve its performance.

“The club accepts all levels and all ages from 15 years old. All breeds of dogs, LOF or not, mega athletes or not, those of sofa or basket, stick players or agility pro, those overweight or underweight”, reassures Bérangère. And after training, it’s “Caniapéro”!

Places for meetings or activities: Massif de la Gardiole, Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning. [email protected]

Midi Libre correspondent: 06 09 22 14 46

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