World Cup 2022: a test match turns into a fiasco

Two months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, a match, organized in the final stadium and which was to serve as a test for the organizers, turned into a fiasco, according to a local and Dutch media.

Qatar is not yet ready. Far from there. Two months before the start of the World Cup (November 20-December 18), a match, which was to serve as a test for the organizers, was organized on September 9 at the Lusail stadium, which will host the final. The goal was to know the faults of the device and the possible problems in view of the World Cup. And there were many, according to Doha News and the Dutch daily Het Laatse Niews.

The worries started even before the meeting between the Saudi club Al Hilal and the Egyptian team of Zamalek. While 77,575 supporters attended this match, several of them encountered difficulties in reaching the enclosure with 80,000 seats. Hundreds of buses had been put in place to transport spectators to the stadium, but they were not enough. Some supporters were forced to walk for more than 45 minutes to get there, all in temperatures approaching 35°C.

The problems were then attributed to the interior of the stadium itself with a lack of drinking water at half-time and a failure of the air conditioning, then at the end of the match with a consequent influx of people trying to take the metro. A queue of almost 2.5 km would have formed at the end of the meeting to reach the nearest metro station, which is located just 400m from the stadium.

Faced with these numerous dysfunctions, the organizers of the World Cup defended themselves and recalled that this meeting should serve to identify the problems in order to resolve them before the start of the competition. They have just two months ahead of them to straighten things out and avoid experiencing the same kind of inconvenience during the competition.

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