Women’s Tour de France 2022: how much does the winner get?

The women’s Tour de France 2022 has a prize money ten times lower than that of the men. Here is in detail what the peloton will receive.

They are not housed in the same boat. A total of 247,530 euros will be shared between the riders after the eight days of racing in the Women’s Tour de France 2022. A prize-money far from that of the men’s event and its 2,282,000 euros.

The big winner of the Tour, she will receive 50,000 euros, ten times less than the winner for men, Jonas Vingaard. A difference which is explained in particular by the shorter duration of the race: 21 stages for the men against 8 for the women.

General classification

1st: 50,000 euros

2nd: €25,000

3rd: €10,000

4th: €8,000

5th: €4,000

6th: €3,000

7th: €2,000

8th: €1,500

9th: €1,500

10th: €1,500

Stage Victory

1st: 4,000 euros

2nd: €2,000

3rd: €1,000

4th: €500

5th: 400 euros

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