Woman sentenced for abandoning her dogs in cages while moving house

On Monday, June 13, the defendant appeared in court for the second time after appealing the first court decision for the facts which date back to 2018. A more severe sentence for acts of cruelty to animals was pronounced.

The woman had abandoned her 4 dogs in her apartment located in Moissy Cramayel Fr Seine et Marne when she was moving. The neighbors had contacted the police station to complain about the excessive barking of the locked up canines.

It turned out that the poor beasts were crying out for help. When they arrived on site, the police could only see the dramatic living conditions suffered by the 3 Pitbulls and the American Staffordshire Terrier present on the scene.

Abominable living conditions

The woman had locked up her 4 dogs in 2 square meter cages. 2 adult specimens were curled up together in one of them. “During the police intervention, they lived in complete darkness, in their excrement and in their urine, the smell was pestilential”a declared Patrice Grillonthe lawyer of theanimal protection association Stéphane Lamart who is a civil party to the case, News.

“When we choose to have a dog, we take care of it, otherwise there are always alternative solutions to ensure their well-being”he added.

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The emaciated and traumatized canines had been named at the SPA of Vaux-le-Penil the time they represented forces and lead the investigation, but had finally been returned to their mistress. Indeed, the young woman had been tried in 2018, and had appealed the decision. She had subsequently given away 2 of her dogs, being unable to take care of them.

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On September 13, during the appeal judgment, the court was less lenient. The accused was fined 4 fines for a total amount of 2,400 euros. She will also have to pay 2,000 euros in damages and 1,500 euros in legal costs.Association Stéphane Lamart.

In addition, the court forced her to a ban on keeping animals for 3 years. His dog was therefore seized. He was assigned to a shelter while they found him a loving home.

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