With the Departmental Council, after two years of pandemic, tourism professionals want to bounce back

Meeting this week at the Haras du Pin, at the invitation of the Departmental Council as part of Loisirs Accueil Orne, they refined their action plan which revolves around a renewed commercial offer and mainly activated on group travel , with no less than 50 stays gathered in a brochure available on the site www.escaporne.fr

After two years characterized by the crisis linked to the covid-19 pandemic, tourism professionals want 2023 to be the year of a return to normal. In particular concerning group travel which has been particularly impacted. This week, responding to the invitation of the County Council as part of Loisirs Accueil Orne, they met at the Haras du Pin to develop their action plan. The objective is twofold: to boost group travel and attract new customers.

To achieve this, Loisirs Accueil Orne and its Escap’Orne group service have concocted around fifty stays and excursions grouped together in a brand new brochure. A program that gives pride of place to the richness of the assets of the Orne. Visitors have the choice between a visit to a wine cellar followed by a “mushroom” lunch, the Christmas tables at La Michaudière, a journey on the Camembert route, a fun discovery of the Haras du Pin, etc.

Presented to restaurateurs and accommodation providers – who are the first beneficiaries of group offers – this new tourist offer hit the mark. And makes it possible to remobilize an entire sector hard hit by the crisis linked to the covid-19 pandemic and the current energy crisis. Especially since the Orne can count on one of its main assets: proximity to major urban centers.

Supported from the start, the Departmental Council welcomes this new dynamic which contributes to the attractiveness of the territory.

Practice : information and Escap’Orne brochure downloadable from the website www.escaporne.fr

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