With her company, Delphine accompanies owners bereaved by the death of an animal

With her company, Delphine accompanies bereaved owners

“The 4 paws sanctuary” offers bespoke funeral items and a support service to owners bereaved by the death of a dog, cat or NAC.

With her company “The Sanctuary of the 4 paws”, Delphine Simon-Dumarchat offers bereaved pet owners tailor-made and customizable funeral items.

Handmade funeral products

Its customers can choose the colors, the type of wood and even the ornaments that could decorate the final resting place of their beloved animal.

This idea was born after the loss of his Fox-Terrier in 2018: “It was by organizing his funeral that I accepted this vocation, but not only! I realized that there was a need in this area, that of personalization to continue to make exist or the one that we loved so much, our pet, ”she explains on her website.

The entrepreneur offers many items ranging from the funeral urn to the coffin: “The most requested product remains the coffin. I am not on an industrial production, but on handmade. I work with oak and beech wood and I use organic paints. For the padding, I use satin and various fabrics. This setting must leave a beautiful vision of the animal to the family”.

An animal bereavement support service

Count between 50 and 150 euros for an urn and between 150 and 180 euros for a coffin. Each year, Delphine Simon-Dumarchat creates between 50 and 60 pieces.

“The 4 paws sanctuary” also offers animal bereavement support. A service that consists of organizing, participating in conferences and sessions intended to support and comfort people bereaved by the loss of an animal.

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