With abnormally low blood reserves, Héma-Québec appeals to donors

The organization responsible for collecting and managing blood in Quebec is primarily looking for donors with O+ and especially O- blood groups.

The O- group is the most sought after due to its rarity, but also its great versatility.

Only about 7% of Quebecers have type O- blood, while 39% are type O+.

called universal donorspeople with type O-blood can donate blood to anyone, regardless of their blood type.

This type of blood is often used in emergency care in hospitals for patients whose blood type is unknown.

Héma-Québec calls for reorganization of its blood bank. The organization is looking for at least 2000 new donors per month, particularly among the youngest citizens. Report by Normand Grondin.

The minimum donation threshold is no longer reached

But regardless of their blood type, everyone who can give blood is invited to do so.

According to Héma-Québec, to meet the needs of Quebec hospitals, approximately 1,000 blood donations are needed every day. Or, this daily number is not currently reached, warns the organization.

Last July, Héma-Québec had to launch a similar appeal to blood donors in the province who, it should be remembered, donate their blood free of charge in Quebec.

It’s not just in Quebec that blood banks are under pressure. Blood supply problems are also reported in several countries including France and the United States.

In the United Kingdom, we even had to launch, last week, the equivalent of an Amber alert to alert the population because of an unprecedented shortage of blood. Non-emergency surgeries even had to be postponed in hospitals to protect Britain’s blood banks.

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