Will donkey rides in downtown Quimper disappear? -Quimper

After Paris, Marseille and Lyon, it is the turn of Quimper to attract the wrath of PAZ (Paris Animals Zoopolis). The association for the defense of animal interests is looking into the Quimper case of donkey rides in the city center. These walks are so much a part of the Quimper landscape that we almost forget it. At the crossroads of rue Kéréon and rue Saint-François, two donkeys cycle around Quimper with, on their backs, children eager for an out-of-the-ordinary ride. And this for more than forty years.

This activity, Paz struggles to see it disappear. “It is not compatible with the animal condition of donkeys and it gives children the image that an animal is a toy and that it can be the object of an act of consumption”, alarms Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder from PAZ. The association questioned, this Wednesday, August 2, the town hall of Quimper to obtain more information on the agreement between the City and the manager of the activity. It remains, for the moment, unanswered.

Residents worried since October

What do the people of Quimper think? Residents, daily witnesses of this practice, have challenged the town hall on this subject in recent months. Alerts, by email first, sent from October to the town hall. A first inhabitant laments the presence of “herbivores who have nothing to do on the cobblestones of the city center”. In response, the town hall certifies the verification of “compliance with health measures related to the use of these animals” by the veterinary services of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations and underlines “the owner’s attachment to the well-being of his animals “.

A resident, also a riding instructor, points to another element in a letter sent to the town hall. The lack of safety for children during these activities, noting the absence of a “bomb to protect their heads”. It calls on the City “to set an example to follow by refusing only in its municipality, such persistent practices”. These are the same inhabitants who gave the alert to PAZ.

A charter on animal welfare?

The PAZ association demands the total cessation of walks. Asked about the possibility of a charter on animal welfare, which can be signed on the occasion of any event that hosts, the association is mixed. “Given our experience with the town hall of Paris, this is not put into practice. It’s just an illusion. But it’s better than nothing “. The association would prefer to start by discussing a possible special measure for high temperatures or the future of equines at the end of their lives.

What open the dialogue with the City and try to overcome “the legal vacuum around the animal condition”. The owner of the donkeys did not wish to communicate on this subject, considering that he does not need to justify the well-being of his animals. For the time being, the town hall of Quimper has not responded to our requests.

Note that the association for the defense of animals had already questioned the town hall of Quimper on another file. In April, the Commission for access to administrative documents had informed her about the management of pigeons. The materials provided are sterilized once by contraceptive corn feeding campaigns. A means that satisfies the association. “We congratulate her for using non-lethal methods for the pigeons”, assures Amandine Sanvisens.

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