Why have the sparrows disappeared from the city?

Welcome to “Animal”, the sound series that questions the place of animals in the city. Living beings, small or large, with us share our cities. For this new season in five episodes, we will be interested in sparrows, bats, tiger mosquitoes, brown rats, free cats. Mammals, birds, insects sometimes feared or hated. What are the perceptions, and the truths? To answer, scientists and experts at the microphone.

How did the city become hostile to these birds?

For this first episode, let’s walk through the streets of Paris with Philippe Maintigneux, volunteer for the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), responsible for studying “sparrows” since 2003. And discover one of the species of these little birds, the house sparrow. This bird has lived near people, especially in cities, for hundreds of years. So why are these birds disappearing from our cities today? Why is the subject of the architecture of new buildings a challenge to guarantee the populations of sparrows, which appreciate community life? In what way is the diversity of food a major issue for the presence of these birds in the city? All the answers in this podcast.

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