Why do dogs eat grass?

Even if the dog’s diet is rather pâté or kibble, you may have already observed, from time to time, a dog eats grass. This is for several reasons and the first comes from the species from which the dog is descended: the wolf.

wolves in the wild didn’t have exactly the same diet as our doggies. They had to fend for themselves, that’s why the wolves had become omnivorous. When they didn’t have an animal chair to eat, they fell back on fruit and even grass. It is therefore believed that the dog has preserved in his genes that taste of grass. If it happens to yours, let it be, it’s not a big deal. On the contrary, it may even be good for his health.

This is the other reason why the dog grazes from time to time: it’s dog self-medication. When he feels bad, the dog tries to make himself vomit to purge his stomach and for that he eats quackgrass, the origin of the name of which we suddenly understand better, the dog pulls it out with its teeth.

Quackgrass is fiber-rich grass and which has diuretic qualities, ideal for draining, but not for deworming, as many masters and mistresses of dogs often interpret. Couchgrass has no action on this. For worms, weed is not the solution, but The veterinarian.

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