Why Animal Crossing players are the worst people on Earth

Let us all tell each other once and for all, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the video game of containment. It has allowed many and many neophytes to enter the world of video games and even sharp gamers have had fun taking care of their cute little islands. But looking back, I noticed that in reality, gamersanimal crossing were degraded and corrupt beings, possessing very light and wobbly morals. Here are some arguments that should convince you to burn your cartridge.

The players ofanimal crossing are right-wing bankers

To remember anyway, when you want to expand your house, you have to take out a loan from Tom Nook, which you must then repay all the rest of your game by working. While all the other video games in the world offer you to discover an open world, to fight against incredible enemies, to stack bricks to form lines and to experience strong emotions in successful scenarios, animal crossing launches you, neither more nor less, into the most capitalist game there is. Who can accept such a principle except people whose brains have been completely brainwashed by the world of bankers?

The players ofanimal crossing are heartless people

One of the attractions of the game is to be able to create a village, where many inhabitants come to furnish your pretty little island. OK, that’s great, everyone is happy with their hippie tents and bouquets of flowers. However, if it is possible to welcome new inhabitants, it is also possible to transfer them. This is where it gets dirty and the true personality of the players comes to light. The first way to fire a resident is to ghost them. You don’t say a word to him anymore, you ignore him and suddenly the poor, lonely villager asks from himself, very sad not to have any more friends. The other solution is to offer him litter, to push him or to net him, which is clearly a bully move and I find it totally awful and inhumane. It’s a fact: the players ofanimal crossing love to humiliate their neighbors.

The players ofanimal crossing are superficial

Another principle of the game is to invite your real player friends (personally, I don’t have any, so I couldn’t test) so that they can visit your island and tell you how great it is. beautiful. As a result, players have only one desire: to have the most perfect island possible in order to collect as many positive comments as possible. The game then becomes a course in island cosmetic surgery and this movement becomes part of the player’s personality. A world of gamersanimal crossing is a world of pretense where the false reigns alongside ignorance.

The players ofanimal crossing are against ecology

At the start of the game, you are still clearly asked “Which island do you want to plunder until there’s no trace of life left?” (it’s not the exact replica, but it’s just like). Thereafter, it is a sequence of scarification of the fauna and flora of the island. You start clearing the trees of insects, catching any quietly swimming fish, and cutting down any usable vegetation. All this for what ? To develop your little virtual and ephemeral civilization? To continue to propagate you like vermin extolling the merits of an industrial society doomed to self-destruction? It’s very disappointing, we expected better from an intelligent species.

The players ofanimal crossing are big jerks

I’ll end on this, but I’ve been around players and, frankly, they’re very disgusting. Already, they let their toenails grow and have fun caressing your calf with their long nails… Yuck. Plus, they spend their time touching the subway bars before dipping their sweaty fingers in the butter to then make you guess if it’s salty or sweet. The worst thing is that they love to eat bread in their bed and fall asleep on the many crumbs that lie on their sheets and pillows. I don’t know what their delirium is, but for 95% of players, it’s like that.

Well, now you have a little idea of ​​the true identity of your friend, your boyfriend or your sister. My advice is to get away from these kinds of people very quickly and start playing games. goat simulator.

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