who wants to adopt Bala, at the Loire-Atlantique SPA?

This is one of the sad phenomena that comes up every summer: during the holidays, the abandonment of pets increases. At the moment, the refuge of the Loire-Atlantique SPA, in Carquefou, is full. About 300 cats and 180 dogs for adoption.

More than 800 cats since the beginning of the year

In total, at the end of June, the Loire-Atlantique SPA collected nearly 580 cats, adds 230 cats in the month of July alone. “In cats, it’s pretty constant, we’re overwhelmed! Besides, we repeat, please sterilize your cats, or stray cats will feed you!”asks Anne, head of the Loire-Atlantique SPA refuge.

54 dogs in July alone

If the number of dogs concerned remains lower, the increase in dogs abandoned or placed in the pound is worrying. The situation is much worse this year. Indeed, the SPA reacted 265 dogs between January and the end of June, compared to 195 last year at the same time. And in July alone, 54 dogs arrived at the shelter.

Among them, Bala, 11 years old. The old dog seems a bit lost amid the din of barking. He calmly approaches the gate of his box. “He’s really an adorable ‘grandpa'”, Anne expected. The animal, probably crossed Griffon-Golden, was abandoned two weeks ago by its owner for health reasons. And like him, around fifty dogs arrived at the shelter in July.

Every summer, the scenario repeats itself. Drop-outs increase during the holiday period. But pet owners rarely cite this reason for their decision. “People are more likely to discriminate against the animal a bit, say that it’s not going to get along with children or not with other dogs, or that they don’t have time to take care of it, or because of a separation…”specifies the head of the Loire-Atlantique SPA.

A waiting list for dropouts

Since the beginning of the year, the Carquefou SPA has collected more than 300 dogs, much more than last year. Worrying figures but difficult to explain. “There is no real rule. Post-Covid, we thought that it was perhaps abandonment linked to people who had taken a puppy during the Covid, and did not care. didn’t come out after a year”asks Anne.

Results, the refuge saturates. The SPA has even established a waiting list of twenty dogs whose owners would like to part with. They are 180 in total on the site, including Bala, looking for a new loving family to live out his old days.

Bala, 11, is looking for her future family at the Carquefou SPA. ©Radio France
Leila Mechaouri

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