who to choose for your dog in 2022?

The law imposes the muzzle in certain circumstances: public transport, outings in public places for certain races, etc. That’s why it’s important to buy one if you’re bringing a pooch into your home. There are many kinds! Zoom on the most practical models.

Between the anti-bite muzzle and the anti-bark muzzle, the long snout dog muzzle and the flat nose dog muzzle, you are faced with a wide choice. That’s why you have to think carefully before ordering your dog’s muzzle! This must be adapted to its morphology and not generalize it in any way. Opt for a well-padded model that is both bite-resistant and soft against the skin. Moreover, it is important to favor a muzzle that lets the dog breathe and allows him to drink. There are also muzzles intended solely for training purposes. Are you soon adopting a category 2 dog? They are adorable doggies but you will have to muzzle your little companion when you go for a walk. This is why we have selected several models of dog muzzles for you.


  1. Most convenient to adjust
  2. The most comfortable
  3. Good value for money
  4. The strongest

The Dog Copenhagen Trixie dog muzzle, with a very soft lining

Equipped with a D-ring located just under the muzzle, this muzzle allows you to control your dog well. Black in color, it is very comfortable to wear, since it incorporates extra soft neoprene padding, which does not irritate the skin and leaves the air circular. The dog muzzle adjusts to the level of the muzzle, and passes behind the neck. By the way, you can adjust both the strap and the headrest continuously. The latter incorporates a snap closure. The dog will not be able to remove it himself!

The Kerbl dog muzzle, perfectly adapted to the muzzle

This muzzle includes a Velcro closure on the top of the muzzle, so you can easily adjust it according to the morphology of your doggie. Moreover, as the closure is on the top, you can adjust it in seconds throughout the day. As for the strap that goes behind the ears, it can also be easily adjusted to the right length. Comfortable for the dog, it is soft and flexible, does not cause irritation. Black in colour, this muzzle blends well with all coat types.

The Ilepark dog muzzle, very breathable

Made of nylon, this size L dog muzzle acts like a second skin. Indeed, it is light and flexible and your pet will hardly feel it. In addition, it is easily adjustable to the thickness of your dog’s muzzle. Attention, this muzzle is only suitable for doggies with long muzzles! It is a quality accessory, which resists daily use without being damaged. As for the D-ring to which the leash attaches, it is placed under the muzzle. Finally, this breathable muzzle is easy to clean. Then let it air dry!

The Baskerville dog muzzle, durable and resistant

This anti-bite muzzle has ergonomic safety straps, which are easy to adjust around the dog’s head. It is very strong and your dog will not be able to remove it by himself. As the grid consists of well-spaced bars, it even allows the animal to eat. The muzzle has a padded lining which offers great comfort to the dog. Finally, there is a safety strap on the top of the head. Small particularity of this muzzle: you can deform it by immersing it in hot water, to widen it or make it narrower.

How to choose a good dog muzzle?

First of all, you need to choose a muzzle model. There are indeed different forms and each has advantages and disadvantages. For example, the strap muzzle consists of a simple strap that wraps around the muzzle. This is a muzzle used during dog training. As for the brachycephalic dog muzzle, it is intended for doggies who have a flattened muzzle. There is also the full muzzle, which completely blocks the mouth of the animal. Finally, the basket muzzle prevents biting while allowing the dog to pant.

make sure you choose the right size muzzle. It must not hamper the animal’s movements, nor create irritation by rubbing against the skin. Do not hesitate to choose a model at least 2 cm wider than the muzzle.

In addition, you should remember to check the locking system. Can the muzzle straps be adjusted to the dog’s morphology? Are they easily adjustable?

Can a dog eat and drink with a muzzle?

It all depends on the model chosen. Some muzzles completely prevent the animal from opening the muzzle. He can therefore neither drink nor eat, but in addition he cannot pant, which could be dangerous for his health. Indeed, panting allows dogs to cool off when they are too hot.

It is therefore necessary to opt for a muzzle that leaves the animal free to partially open its muzzle, without being able to bite. Basket muzzles are perfect for this. As they consist of a hard grid, they enclose the muzzle of the dog without tightening it. The air can therefore circulate normally between the bars and the dog can drink without difficulty. On the other hand, it will still be difficult for him to eat alone, unless you slip him the kibbles one by one through the grid.

As for muzzles for brachycephalic dogs, they generally allow doggies to drink quietly.

How to get your dog used to a muzzle?

Wearing a muzzle is rarely a doggie’s taste! This is why you must gradually accustom your faithful companion to wearing his. Start by presenting him with the muzzle, so that he can sniff it and get used to its presence not far from him. If you have a very anxious dog, do not hesitate to leave the muzzle on the ground for a few days, so that the animal understands that he is in no danger.

Then touch the dog museum with the muzzle. You can give her a small reward as soon as she touches his skin! The next step is to place a treat in the muzzle, for the dog to fetch it himself. After repeating the operation several times, gently close the muzzle by clipping the strap behind the ears. Give him treats through the grate again, if it’s a muzzle that leaves the museum free. Then remove the muzzle, while continuing to pet your pet.

Then get your dog used to it by having it wear the muzzle around the house regularly. When he completely tolerates it, you can go outside for the first time!

How long can a dog use a muzzle?

The dog should not wear its muzzle for more than 3 or 4 hours, especially if it prevents it from opening its muzzle. In addition, over time, wearing a muzzle can cause irritation to the straps.

You can use a muzzle during a visit to the veterinarian, so that he handles the animal without being bitten. The law also requires dogs over 6 kg to wear a muzzle on public transport. Finally, first and second category dogs must be equipped when they perform in public places.

In all these circumstances, the dog does not need to keep the muzzle on for very many hours!

Are dog muzzles suitable for all dog breeds?

There are muzzles for all types of dogs. On the other hand, doggie muzzles with long snouts are not suitable for brachycephalic dogs. Indeed, these dogs have flattened muzzles and therefore cannot put on the muzzle. This is the case with French and English bulldogs, shih-tzus, Pekingese and even boxers.

This is why there are special muzzles for these breeds of dogs. Very often it is a net that covers the whole face, preventing an opening for the nose. This type of muzzle attaches behind the ears and has a strap that goes between the ears.

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