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Educating your dog is not always an easy task. To help you, you can use dog training courses, but also various accessories such as the dog training collar, a lanyard or a clicker.

The training of a puppy is a mandatory step to obtain a well-behaved animal. This canine education is essential for its safety and that of your loved ones. Indeed, training allows you to live with an obedient dog, who knows the recall (which avoids losing), does not jump on people and does not pull on a leash (at the risk of causing you to fall). But this ideal dog does not come out of a hat, you will have to work and equip yourself with training accessories to educate your companion. Dog training collars with electrical impulses, which are too violent, are to be avoided. Prefer positive education that associates good behavior with a reward. The dog clicker is ideal for this non-violent training; it associates a noise (the click) with the good behavior and the reward. You can complete your range with a dog lounger, a treat bag and, for the home, a dispenser with remote control.


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The HelpAccess dog training bag, with several accessories

Orange in colour, this dog training bag is clearly visible from afar and is decorated with reflective strips. It is waterproof and incorporates several accessories that will be of great help to you during daily outings. There’s a collapsible water bowl, clicker and poop bag dispenser. The bag also includes a small net on the front, in which you can slip rewards for your doggie. It is made of a solid material, which resists falls as well as scratches.

Dog clickers with elastic strap Diyife

These dog training clickers are easy to use. Small in size, they slip into a pocket. They can also be attached to the belt using the carabiner or worn around the wrist using an elastic strap. Click on the button, they emit a very clear sound, easily identifiable by your animal. Very solid, they resist more than 10,000 pressures. These dog training clickers are sold in sets of 4, at a really low price. Dog training becomes child’s play!

The Happy Hachi 15 meter dog training leash

This nylon dog training long is strong and durable. It has a padded handle for comfort of use. Its impressive length (15 meters) allows you to leave your dog in virtual freedom during walks and to practice various exercises from a distance. This dog training leash is not suitable for small breed pets due to its heavy weight. However, two other lengths are available (6 and 10 meters).

The Petsafe Care and Training Dog Training System

This accessory dispenses treats one by one when you press the remote control while emitting a sound quickly identified by your pet. This way you can reward good behavior from a distance. This dog training tool also comes with a telescoping rod target stick to teach your pup more advanced tricks like spinning or playing dead. Something to shine in society! A complete downloadable user manual.

Why should a dog be trained?

The dogs live with us; just like humans, they must know good manners! A well-dressed dog is more pleasant to live with than a small piece of clothing.

Dog training allows you to have an obedient dog that could not be in danger and will not be a danger to others. Some examples of the benefits of training in dogs: coming back when called when approaching a road, not jumping on children or the elderly, keeping quiet when you put on their harness, walking on a leash without pull…

It is also a way to share enriching moments with your companion and to progress together.

At what age should you start training a dog?

The training of a dog strictly speaking begins around 6 months. At this age, you could start the dog training course, but you can educate your puppy as soon as he arrives at home.

Of course, the younger the animal, the more it will be necessary to give it simple orders, make short sessions and be patient. Positive reinforcement learning using a clicker is a good option for puppy training. The long is also very useful outdoors.

What are the elements to take into account for a good training?

To educate your dog, you will need to take into account:

· About his age

His character: a dominant dog educates himself with firmness, a fearful dog with gentleness

· Of his race… yes, all dogs are not equal in learning. Some are more “gifted” than others.

Your experience: if you are a beginner, taking dog training lessons is probably a good idea

· Of your available time: the education of a dog requires a lot of training.

· Your goal: do you want a very obedient puppy or do you have a rather flowing temperament?

How long should training a dog last?

We cannot really answer this question. Some dogs are fast, others less so. Roughly speaking, basic commands such as recall or “sitting”, must be acquired at 1 year.

But a dog can learn all his life!

Can all dogs be trained the same?

The training of a dog must be adapted to its temperament. Some somewhat hot-headed animals require great firmness when others collapse at the slightest voice! Electric dog training collars can be very tough for sensitive pets.

Certain dog breeds, such as German Shepherds or Labradors, tend to train more easily. Other very independent breeds, such as the Shiba inu, could give the most motivated masters a hard time.

If you want to do dressage or agility competitions, it is better to opt for a cooperative breed such as Malinois or Border collie.

What are the different types of dog training aids?

Among the top dog training devices are:

· The clicker: small device that emits a noise when the master clicks on it. The clicker is triggered when the dog executes the request correctly and is associated with a reward (treat, caress, etc.). Gradually, the dog is conditioned to respect when he hears the click. Some vending bowls work on the same principle.

· The training collar for dogs: electric collars, vibrating collars, citronella diffusers, stranglers… Little concerned about animal well-being and of variable effectiveness, they are gradually being abandoned in favor of positive canine education.

The dog training or long leash for safe outdoor exercises

Treat bags are also handy for outdoor training.

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