Which animals were collected by the pound of Brest metropolis? -Brest

Brest Métropole has jurisdiction over the capture and impoundment of stray animals. Each week, several stray dogs and cats are picked up by the “Animal and City” unit of the Sanitary Action and Health service, and taken to the pound. Here is the list of the last animals collected.

On January 7, in Brest Lambézellec, Malinois-German shepherd cross dog (chipped), male.

On March 25, in Bourg-Blanc, Malinois type dog, very nice, identified under the name of Rocky, male.

On April 5, in Brest Saint-Pierre, black and white staff dog, identified as Nemesis, 5 years old, male.

June 9, in Brest, fawn Malinois dog, identified by the name of Jet, nice, male.

On June 15, in Brest, brown Labrador Shar-Pei type dog, nice, male.

On June 24, in Trinité-Plouzané, boxer cross dog, fawn color, nice, male.

On June 29, in Brest Bellevue, cream and white American type staff dog, nice, male.

September 2, in Saint-Renan, English bulldog dog, identified, kind and calm, male.

September 8, in Brest center, fawn dog named Hobbie, collar + leash, male.

September 23, in Brest, black Shar-Pei dog with harness and leash, sociable, male.

October 8, in Guipavas, black dwarf goat with a white spot between the horns.

On October 14, in Saint-Renan, a long-haired black and tan shepherd dog, male; in Brest Saint-Pierre, white cat, odd eyes, 6-8 months, female.

October 15, Brest Saint-Pierre, black griffon dog, female.

October 17, in Plougastel, Tinduff, black ram; in Brest Quatre-Moulins, two black and white kittens.

October 18, Brest Quatre-Moulins, white and red cat, neutered male; in Guipavas, Siamese cat, sociable, uncastrated male; in Brest Lambézellec, gray kitten (4 months); in Brest Saint-Pierre, yellow canary.

On October 19, in Brest Quatre-Moulins, white and black Dogo Argentino crossbreed, female.

To note

For better identification of the animals, it is possible to consult the photos on the website: www.brest.fr Contact: Sanitary and Health Action Department, rue Alexandre-Ribot, tel. 02 98 00 80 80.

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