Which animals have been picked up by the Brest Métropole pound? -Brest

On January 7, in Brest Lambézellec, Malinois German shepherd cross dog (chipped), male.

February 14, in Brest, Yorkshire type dog, male.

On March 17, in Brest, fawn shepherd cross dog, male.

On March 25, in Brest, Malinois Belgian Shepherd Dog, male about 1 year old (chipped).

April 5, in Brest, black and white staff, identified, 5 years old, male.

May 10, in Brest, Beauceron dog, 9 years old, identity, “Igor”, male and border husky dog, “Daysi”, identified, female.

May 15, in Brest, German shepherd dog, identified, female.

May 17, in Brest, rottweiler dog, about 1 year old, male.

On May 20, in Brest, black cat, male and tabby and white cat, male.

May 28, in Brest, tabby and white cat with a red collar and a bell, female; brindle shepherd cross dog, male.

June 3, in Brest Lambézellec, Siamese type cat, male.

June 8, in Brest, tabby kitten, about 2 and a half months, female; six kittens.

June 8, at Relecq-Kerhuon, staff type dog, female.

June 9, in Plougastel, Siamese type cat.

To note

For better identification of the animals, it is possible to consult the photos on the website: www.brest.fr Contact: Sanitary and Health Action Department, rue Alexandre-Ribot, tel. 02 98 00 80 80.

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