where have the sheep of the communal livestock gone?

The city of Annecy is launching a call for help this Tuesday, June 21 to try to locate the sheep of the municipal livestock. They fled on Monday after a dog attack at the Parc de la Grande Jeanne. 10 ewes and 2 lambs are missing.

It is always necessary to remember this: in town, dogs must be kept on a leash, especially since in recent years certain municipalities, such as those of Annecy or Grenoble, have taken the initiative of installing herds of goats or of sheep in order to maintain certain green spaces.

This is how this Monday in the little Venice of the Alps, a dog left free in the Semnoz sector frightened the municipal livestock. 10 ewes and 2 lambs of the Thônes and Marthod breeds took to their heels and are still missing.

“They are animals with white and black wool, corresponding to identification rings” indicates the municipality in a press release. “One of them is completely black.”

To date, despite two beats in the Semnoz, only 2 ewes have been found. “If you cross this area, often off the beaten track, during walks, trails or mountain bikes […] and if you see them, do not approach so as not to frighten them which could scare them away” recommends the town hall. “Immediately contact: – the animal handler at – or the general guard at“.

As a reminder, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the Parc de la Grande Jeanne so that they do not frighten the animals calling the authorities. In addition, by decree of 03/16/1955, dogs must be kept on a leash outside the forest paths during walks in the woods and forests during the wildlife reproduction period, from April 15 to June 30. Anyone violating these rules is liable to a fine.

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