When stray dogs terrorize joggers!

If you happen to go early in the morning or late at night in the district of Ennasr (near suburb of Tunis), do not be surprised to meet joggers with poles – well equipped with poles. The phenomenon is gaining momentum over the days in the most total indifference.

Information taken, these joggers, mostly retired executives, were led to equip themselves with this rudimentary weapon to defend themselves against hordes of stray dogs abandoned by their owners.

Increasingly numerous and aggressive due to hunger, these dogs do not hesitate to attack any moving body: people running, vehicles, bicycles, etc.

This is a real concern for the inhabitants of this district where foreign communities also reside, including Mauritanian, Libyan and sub-Saharan. The women of these communities, famous for their rhythm of nightlife, contemplate with their ample equipment being attacked by these dogs.

These inconveniences could have been canceled if the town planners of the Land Housing Agency (AFH) had better designed this urban monstrosity that is the Ennasr district, a city of more than 300,000 inhabitants. Nothing has been planned for the comfort of its inhabitants. There is no green space, no health circuit, no cultural spaces….


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