What to do when you find an injured animal?

In an urban environment, as in the wilderness, you may encounter an injured animal on your way. How to react well in such a situation? What are the right reflexes to adopt?

If you discover an injured animal, wild or domestic, it is important to follow certain recommendations and procedures.

Who to call if you find an injured animal?

In disposal where the injured animal is domestic, such as a cat or dog, it is recommended to contact the town hall. From a legal point of view, it is responsible for stray animals on its territory. The municipal services call on the pound to provide him with the necessary care. Within eight days, he is then taken in by a refuge. You can also contact a veterinary practice, the police, as well as the gendarmerie.

If it is a wild animal, such as a hedgehog or a bird, you must contact the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) or the rescue center in your department. Teams are able to move to take care of the injured animal. You also have the option of contacting the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS). The organization will tell you what to do depending on the circumstances.

How to help or calm an injured stray animal?

Due to its condition, an injured animal may be fearful. He may then not allow himself to be approached, at the risk of being aggressive. At first, keep your distance and try to identify the origin of his injury. Even if you have some basic knowledge of first aid, do not intervene directly. Without expert advice, do not attempt to water or feed the animal.

You can try to soothe him with a soft, calm voice. It is not recommended to divert the animal on your own without knowing the cause of the injury. However, if the injured animal is in danger, you can manipulate it to safety. This is particularly the case when it is on a busy road or path. Do not hesitate to take photos that you can then provide to the support teams.

Where can a stray animal be treated for free?

As mentioned above, the competent bodies provide the necessary care to the injured animal. This may be an animal protection association such as the SPA or the LPA in your municipality. Although it is not the regulatory procedure, it is possible to call a veterinarian. After treating the animal, the latter carries out research to find its owner, especially if the latter has made a declaration of loss.

The fact that you find an injured animal does not in any way imply your responsibility. You therefore do not have to pay for the costs incurred in relation to his care or care, unless you wish to do so. At the same time, you can consult domestic files online, such as the I-CAD (Carnivore Identification Society). The animal may be the subject of a loss report.


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