What to do on holiday with your dog in Wallonia? Tips and Ideas

“During confinement, there are many households that have adopted a pet, so we had more and more spontaneous requests for this type of offer”says Sandrine Delcourt, marketing director of visit wallonia. According to the DogID platform, there were 2.5 million dogs in Belgium in 2020.

Find out what is allowed or not

The creation of this section also served to clarify things for dog owners according to her,“There is also a bit of misunderstanding among people who say to themselves that for walks, they can go anywhere with their dog, whereas there are areas of nature reserves where you cannot go with a pet. company, even on a leash. Conversely, there were plenty of types of offers that were unknown, such as museums, there are some where you can go with your dog. The goal was to give qualified information and to be able to respond to this trend.”

To develop the offer, Sandrine indicates working with tourist operators to encourage them to develop this type of initiative,“On the other hand, we have created another section with activities where the dog is not just allowed, but where there is really a desire to experience an activity with your dog. I am thinking, for example, of paddleboarding on Lake Nisramont which is an activity truly designed for the master and his dog.”

“We encourage people to always ask well, especially to accommodation and even if it is written that animals are allowed, to take information” remarks Sandrine so that stays go as well as possible.

The website visit wallonia. be gives advice on how to travel without problems with your dog, the conditions for taking public transport, the equipment to always have on you and the rules to follow when walking and staying in accommodation.

Among these proposals for outings accessible to dogs, we find walks, museums, gardens and more unusual activities. Here is a brief overview of those that have marked us.

Nautical activities

You can go down the Ourthe by kayak with your dog at the Remous nautical base. ©Yves Bircic

For thrill seekers, in addition to paddleboarding, it is possible to go down the Ourthe or the Semois by kayak while being accompanied by your dog. For the less intrepid, the site visitwallonia.be offers, for example, taking part in a cruise on the Meuse departing from Namur or Dinant.

“Kayaking is something that people always like”comments Sandrine Delcourt,“At the moment, we have a bit of a problem with the water level so we have to wait a bit to go back there.”

The Molignée handcars

  The draisines de la Molignée, an original ride to do with your dog.
The draisines de la Molignée, an original ride to do with your dog. ©365.be/Drasines de la Molignée

Another unusual activity is to ride along the rails of the old railway line which runs along the Molignée valley on draisines, a kind of bicycle adapted to railway tracks. The activity’s website clearly states on its home page that“Dogs are welcome.”

Three different routes of six, eight and fourteen kilometers are proposed to discover the place. It takes around twenty euros per draisine, each of which can accommodate up to four people.

The area of ​​the Rock

  Many walks with his dog are possible in the area.
Many walks with his dog are possible in the area. ©EdA Mathieu Peltgen

There are destinations that lend themselves better than others to holidays with your dog, says Sandrine Delcourt. This is the case of the Roche-en-Ardenne area in the province of Luxembourg. The sector concentrates several different activities that correspond to the expectations of pet owners.

Between walks in nature, the ruins of the Château de la Roche, the war museum accessible to dogs or the beach with a swimming area where animals are allowed, there is something for everyone.


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