What support for covid futunian interns?

In Wallis, at least thirty futunian interns are infected with covid. Only a few days away from the school holidays: Should they be repatriated to the sister island or confined to Wallis? In Futuna, their parents are worried

The covid epidemic continues to spread on the fenua. This Tuesday, August 2, 277 new contaminations!
In total, the territory has just passed the milestone of 1,000 cases of covid, 1,048 have been recorded since June 27, including 14 in Futuna. 7 patients are hospitalized in the covid unit at Sia hospital.

Futunian interns are not immune to the covid19 epidemic. Thirty students are affected by the virus. When the interns of Lano and Sofala are confined until Friday, those of the high school return to their correspondents. Today, all these young people from Futuna are waiting to find out if they can go home for the holidays in a few days. The report by Lotana Moefana and Sofia Hoatau.


A concern shared by parents of students in Futuna! Several kilometers from their children, they challenged the authorities on this unprecedented situation! It was mentioned this Tuesday afternoon, during a meeting held in Alo with the chiefdom. Among them, Fatima Pagatele and Tamole Maituku.


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