what she holds in her arms on her way home makes her whole family cry

A little girl goes for a walk: what she holds in her arms on her way home makes her whole family cry

Grazi Do Vale Silva recently asked her 8-year-old cousin Isa to pick up some milk from a store in their neighborhood in Brazil.

When Isa came home, she understood something else in arms! Grazi was very surprised when she saw her cousin approaching.

A helpless puppy

In little Isa’s arms is a little puppy. Grazi was a bit unhappy at the time because they were already fostering several shelter dogs and couldn’t afford to foster another puppy.

But Grazi wouldn’t know the whole story. In fact, Isa had saved a life.

The little girl intervenes to stop the violence

Isa told her that she was walking down the street when she saw some boys kicking a puppy. The little girl decided to intervene and put the dog in a safe place.

Hearing this, Grazi changed her mind. She was very happy to see that Isa had saved the puppy in danger. The pup had a head injury from the beatings, so the two cousins ​​rushed to get her treated.

They named the puppy Mel and the brave dog luckily recovered very well.

Isa and Mel have a very strong unique place and are happy to have found each other for life!

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