what she does moves her to tears (video)


Ludivine Mazzotti

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The emotional bond that can be created between a child and a dog will never cease to amaze us. And a priori it is also the opinion of nearly 600,000 Internet users who have watched these images!

A nice moment in video

On the video, we can see little Sierra filmed by her mother, alongside their doggie Samson. It is morning and the departure for school is very close.

The mother asks her daughter to say goodbye to Samson. It looks like the pooch understands what’s going on and is impatiently waiting for his little mistress to give him a goodbye hug.

A precious routine

It’s no doubt the usual routine before leaving for school: Samson waits patiently, until Sierra turns around and kisses him on the nose.

What’s adorable is that the dog immediately starts wagging its tail and even lets out a few barks of joy. He really appreciates this moment of affection. These are precious images to look at!

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