What is this Pokemon? Hairstylist Shares Dog’s Crazy Transformation on TikTok

A real Pokémon – what for many is a childhood dream, a hairdresser has turned it into reality. His TikTok, in which he transforms a dog, is now viral.

1 / 10It’s still hard to guess what dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa intends to do with this flint. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitaosagrooming)
TikTok Man touching dog with red stone
2 / 10When the dog enters the picture, Pokemon fans are already guessing what’s to come next. After all, flints are important items for Pokémon evolution. TikTok (gabrielfeitosagrooming)
A man next to the glowing silhouette of a dog
3 / 10A single contact is enough for the evolution to begin. Don’t be afraid, no one has to erase the dog – it’s just part of the transformation. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
4 / 10 The transformation is complete and it is no longer a dog standing there, but a real arkani. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
5 / 10Where there’s an Arkani, don’t forget a Fukano – Feitosa also shows images of a previous transformation of his dog, at the time still all clumsy as a puppy © TikTok (Gabrielfeitaosagrooming)
Screenshot of Gabriel Feitosa's TikTok
6 / 10Life in a Pokéball doesn’t really seem to suit this Arkani. Instead, he uses the Pokéball for fun. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
7 / 10As wild as the transformation of poodle lady Edea may seem, the dog hairstylist ensures that the hair colors are made especially for dogs. Naturally vegan and toxic-free. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
8 / 10Gabriel Feitosa also had a great time at the dog park with his Arkani. The dog Pokémon is particularly popular with children. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
9 / 10The Pokémon-looking dog also gets along very well with other dogs, despite the showy color of its coat. Feitosa writes about it in TikTok that socializing dogs is not a problem, even with creative haircuts. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)
TikTok screenshot by Gabriel Feitosa
10 / 10Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t love to pet an Arkani? The San Diego dog groomer’s TikTok is going viral, Pokemon fans in particular are loving the dog lady’s transformation. © TikTok (Gabrielfeitosagrooming)

San Diego, Calif. – Since 1996, Pokémon has been putting wild desires in the heads of children and adults everywhere. Almost every player* in Nintendo’s role-playing game has wondered at least once what caused if Pokémon existed in real life. A hairstylist in San Diego may have had enough of dreaming and fantasizing and got his wish to have his own Pokémon. A TikTok in which he transforms his own dog is going viral on the platform.

TikTok: A hairdresser realizes his dreams of a fiery Pokémon dog – on his own poodle

Who is this hairdresser? Dog hairstylist Gabriel Feitosa is no stranger to colorful and creative creations for his clients’ quadrupeds*. On TikTok, he regularly shows his wacky creations, which never cease to amuse his 1.2 million followers. But when dogs with funny hairstyles come together in addition to Pokémon, the potential for viral success is already huge.

How did the transformation happen? Feitosa, the San Diego-based dog groomer, quickly gave his poodle Edea a new look. A bright orange coat with black stripes, a large white patch on the chest and a matching white mane: this is no longer a simple dog, but a real arkani. On TikTok, Gabriel Feitosa reproduced this transformation using a flint, as is necessary for Fukano to become an arkani. The white poodle lady Edea is thus transformed very quickly into an imposing Fire Pokémon.

Black silhouette of dog next to a poodle on a barber table

The transformation does not seem to be a problem for the female dog herself. In his TikTok video, Feitosa says the colors are specially made for pets, are plant-based, and free from toxic substances. Also in the dog park, Edea’s haircut doesn’t seem to be a problem. In an additional video, the groomer explains that creative haircuts in no way hinder the socialization of dogs. As a bonus, there are still a few clips showing “Arkani” having fun with other dogs.

If you later want to discover an Arkani or Fukano in the wild, you’ll have to settle for Pokémon GO. Although the Fire Pokémon won’t appear in any of the Pokémon GO Field Research as of August 2022, you may still get lucky and discover Fukano, or its evolution, as a wild Pokémon.

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