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A Kickstarter campaign by robot dog Loona has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks. Loona is an adorable four-wheeled pet with ears and a display for a face. It can play, drive, listen, move on its own, charge and more. The Kickstarter community also seems thrilled, as the actual goal of US$20,000 has already been passed. When we wrote this post, it was already over a million dollars.

With the tiny robot dog’s overwhelming support, can it keep up with a real dog? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? We take a look at what makes the two types of pets different to help you decide which is best for your home. The following video gives an overview of what Loona can do:

Loona is easy to care for

The Loona robot dog has the great advantage of being very easy to maintain and independent. With the included charging station, Loona can even recharge when the battery level is low. Since it’s a robot, you don’t need to walk it every day, nor do you have to feed it.

Loona is clean right out of the box. Where no food goes in, none goes out. In addition, the four-wheeled little friend can take care of him for a long time. He won’t mind if you go away for a few days or if you leave him at home during the holidays.

Even better, it even watches over your apartment. You can use the app to teleport into the dog and see what’s going on in your apartment. This is how the smart dog becomes a surveillance camera, and you can always see if everything is okay. You can even communicate with people who are currently in the apartment.

A real dog indicates a lot of work

Loona and real dog is also an option. Photo: KEYi Technology

In contrast, a real dog indicates much more work. It starts right from the start, because little puppies are Not housebroked when its out of the ‘packaging’. They often do their business first in the middle of the apartment. In order to train them out of this, you as the owner must first teach the dog this and many other things.

In addition, the real dog naturally wants to eat and go out for exercise every day. If you want to go on vacation, you cannot leave the dog alone in the apartment. So you take him with you or look for someone to watch his dog. You can also forget your real dog’s video recordings from the apartment.

But real dogs have other advantages. After all, all the effort you put into caring for a dog isn’t work. You do it because the dog is worth it to you. In return, you get lots of love and affection. They don’t call him man’s best friend for nothing.

A real dog is also fluffier than Loona. Because the robot has no fur that you can snuggle up against. In an emergency, you’d probably rather have a real dog at home than a little robot. Depending on its size, it can deter thieves and other criminals more effectively. Loona has a camera, but it’s not of much use to you right now.

Speaking of cameras: it’s also at least doubtful that you really want to have a robot with a camera, facial recognition and a microphone in your apartment all the time. Additionally, Loona can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world. To be honest, I would have felt a bit uncomfortable about that. With a real dog, there is no risk that it records data and transmits it to third parties.

Conclusion: Loona or real dog?

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Loona watches your children learn. Photo: KEYi Technologies

Only you can answer this question. In the end, they are two completely different types of pets, although both are called dogs somewhere. The low-maintenance robot has its pros and cons, just like the real dog. I think everyone has their own preferences.

If you want to get a Loona, you can participate in the Kickstarter campaign. There you can currently get the Robo-Dog for 299 US dollars in the early bird version. According to the manufacturer, the later-release dog will cost $449. The dogs will probably be delivered in February 2023.

Cover photo: KEYi Technologies

Robot Dog Loona vs Real Dog what is the

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