what he does puts her in all her states (Video)


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About a year ago, sometime in 2021, Cheyenne Tyler Berry was washing the dishes when a detail caught his attention through his kitchen window.

A detail that she decided to film in order to keep a memory.

A precious moment

Opposite her was an older man walking his small dog. Suddenly, the two accomplices stopped in front of the house of the neighbors of Cheyenne Tyler Berry.

Quickly, the American understands why: the neighbors’ cat was there and provided the duo’s attention. The presence of the cat obviously excited the doggie a lot. Far from being annoyed, his human then decided to take him in his arms in order to hoist him up to the tomcat to make the presentations.

An absolutely adorable brief encounter. The man then stroked the cat a bit before continuing on his way quietly, leaving the red tom to his day’s activities.

As she had filmed the whole scene, Cheyenne Tyler Berry decided to share it through her TikTok account where she met with great success.

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