what he does next commands the admiration of the police

On July 10, a terrible accident occurred on a road in Maine in the United States.

Two cars collided violently on the road. Following the terrible shock, a doggie was ejected from one of the cars.

A hero dog

Fortunately, the dog only had a few scratches from the shock.

After getting out of the vehicle, the pooch ran for help. He appeared in front of police officer Chris Pina’s patrol car parked on the freeway and led him to the scene of the accident.

After investigation, it was clarified that the accident was ameliorated by one of the drivers who fell asleep at the wheel and then crashed into the other car.

They find the other dog 3 days later

According to Maine State Police, the vehicle involved was a couple and their two dogs.

Both animals were ejected from the car at the time of the accident. One of the dogs went to the policeman to ask for help and the other disappeared for several days.

The second pooch was eventually spotted on a surveillance camera. He was safely picked up by pound officers on July 13 and was reunited with his family, safe and sound.

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