What do you risk by mistreating your animal?

The rapper posted a video on social media that shows him violently kicking his animal. The artist faces a prison sentence and a heavy fine.

A not insignificant act. Rapper Timal posted a video on Snapchat on Tuesday in which he kicks his dog. The images shocked a number of Internet users and prompted the animal defense associations 30 million friends and Action Animal Protection to file a complaint. In fact, mistreating a pet is condemned by law. But what are we risking?

Fine of up to 750 euros for “bad treatment”

Any act of violence aimed at a “domestic animal or a wild animal approved or held in captivity” is “punished by the penal code”. In concrete terms, a person found guilty of “bad treatment” of an animal, “voluntarily” and “unnecessarily”, incurs a fine of 750 euros.

Animal abuse can also be designated by an animal protection association by court order. In the event that the aggressor of the animal is recognized as a professional, the penalty can increase to 1 year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.

Prison sentences in case of “abuse”

In the event that an individual is guilty of “abuse” and “acts of cruelty”, the penalties incurred are, unsurprisingly, heavier, since they climb up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. .

If the person concerned is the owner of the animal or the animal belongs to a public service agent, the courts may consider these elements as aggravating circumstances of the offence. In this case, the perpetrator faces a 4-year prison sentence and a fine of 60,000 euros. If the alleged abuse resulted in the death of the animal, the penalty increases to 5 years in prison.

Finally, the mistreated animal can be designated to an animal protection association. The individual responsible for the facts may also be prohibited, temporarily or permanently, from owning an animal or from exercising a professional or social activity in connection with the abuse committed.

The dissemination of images on the Internet is also prohibited by law

Disseminating images of abuse on the Internet is also condemned by law to 2 years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

Such publication is considered an act of complicity if the broadcaster is not the author of the facts, except if these photos and videos are published with the aim of fueling a public debate or serving as evidence in court.

Anyone witnessing acts of mistreatment of an animal can alert the police or the gendarmerie. In the case of images posted on the Internet, it is possible to report the facts on the Pharos platform.

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