What are the most affectionate dogs?

You want a dog, it’s decided! But this decision-making is only the beginning. After choosing to have a dog, the question will inevitably be: which dog? Discover 8 affectionate dog breedsperfect for joining a loving family.

Each profile has its own dog!

To find the ideal dog for your home, the fact that he is affectionate can guide your decision. Each race has its peculiarities, its faults, its qualities; will therefore not depend on your choice. In addition, your situation, your daily life will influence your preference. You don’t choose a Dog Breed in the same way, if you live in the countryside, in town, live alone, or with your family, are sporty, or a homebody, ultra active city dweller… So, if you want a dog that is faithful, cuddly, always good company and who will get along well with the youngest, be particularly scrupulous about the breed selected.

Which affectionate dog to choose?

To help you guide your choice, we have listed the dog racing who are most reputed to be the most affectionate. Among them, we can mention the Cavalier King Charles, renowned for his affection as well as his docile temperament, like the Golden Retriever who will be as cuddly as he is full of energy! This is why it is not enough to choose one affectionate dog ; its character must correspond to our daily life.

In addition, be careful: these dogs have the defects of their qualities. Generally, these are dogs that tolerate loneliness very little. Very demonstrative in their signs of affection, ultra cuddly, they are also not very lonely, and often even turn out to be pots of glue! Although they are very affectionate, these puppies will still need to be trained as soon as possible. They will therefore require a lot of attention and presence, and this parameter must also be part of your choice.

Discover without delay the list of most affectionate dogs.

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