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Wednesday September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day, journalist Damien Mascret is on the set of 12/13 to present possible treatments for the disease.

Treatments to cure the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease are being studied. “The Grail would be to prevent the onset of the disease, by acting at the heart of our cells, on DNA, that’s the track of gene therapy”, journalist and doctor Damien Mascret on the set of 12/13, Wednesday September 21. Another avenue consists of delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s by protecting neurons.

“Other drugs are in development (…) to slow the progression of lesions in the brain”, continues the doctor. Finally, drugs are developed to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Thanks to the early detection of Alzheimer’s, patients are taken care of in a global way, with their symptoms, their behavioral problems. Finally, cognitive reserve is studied. “We cannot stop the decline, for the moment, of the brain due to Alzheimer’s disease. But there is also a decline of the brain that we can slow down, that is with a healthy lifestyle “concluded Damien Mascret.


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