What are the best oral treats for dogs in 2022?

Do you love your faithful but you can no longer feel him as a companion as soon as he opens his mouth? If your dog has bad breath, don’t hesitate to give him oral treats. There are actually many types! Focus on the most effective.

It is important to monitor your dog’s oral hygiene, as doggies can suffer from gum infections. Tartar and dental plaque accumulate at the base of the fangs, which irritates the gums. To suffer from it, you can brush your dog’s teeth with a brush and special toothpaste, but also give the pooch treats to chew on. These treats usually have a rather hard texture, which forces the animal to chew them using its back teeth. In addition, they are adorned with small asperities, very effective in cleaning the gaps that are difficult to access, between the teeth. To choose the ideal dog treat, take into account the food tastes of your faithful companion. These delicacies, which can also be used during training sessions, are available in many recipes. Here is a small overview of the most appreciated by dogs!


  1. The most appetizing
  2. The most natural
  3. The tastiest
  4. The most digestible
  5. The most effective
  6. The most protein

Purina Dentalife dog sticks, with a dimpled texture

The honeycomb texture of these treats guarantees maximum effectiveness in reducing the formation of dental plaque and tartar. With a supple texture, they help freshen breath. These dog chew sticks contain corn and wheat and deliver a delicious chicken taste. In addition, they are low in fat and have no added sugar. On the other hand, enriched with calcium and vitamin D, it strengthens the strength of the teeth. The package contains 15 sticks and you can give one per day to your pet.

Lily’s Kitchen dog treats, no artificial flavors

These dog sticks contain seaweed, fennel, green tea extract and coconut oil, three ingredients known for their fortifying properties. These treats therefore help to strengthen the teeth while cleaning them effectively. They are made from all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. If you have a dog that weighs between 26 and 35 kg, this is the ideal dog treat to treat him and clean his fangs after the evening meal. There are 7 sticks in the bag.

Whimzees low calorie dog toothbrushes

This type of dog treat is completely vegetarian and does not contain wheat or gluten. On the other hand, there are fruits and vegetables, such as peas and bananas. They are therefore the perfect delicacies for allergic animals. These dog toothbrushes have received the VOHC label, which guarantees their effectiveness in removing tartar and dental plaque. They are 6.4 cm long and weigh 7.5 grams. These dog treats are kept in an airtight bag, which contains 24.

Lifelong Grain Free Dog Chew Sticks

Easy to digest, these chew sticks for dogs do not contain cereals or gluten. They are made with quality ingredients, such as kelp, a seaweed that is a natural source of minerals and vitamins. Their composition also indicates the presence of fruits: apples and citrus fruits. These sticks therefore provide the animal with natural antioxidants, which result from the proper functioning of the immune system. They also have a low fat content. Please note that the package of sticks must be kept in a very dry and cool place.

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh dog treats with green tea extract

Low in fat, these chewy sticks contain no artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. Their rather hard texture and their surface with roughness make it possible to clean the back teeth. Plus, since they contain eucalyptus oil and green tea extract, they leave a refreshing, pleasant scent in your pet’s wake. These sticks are for dogs over 4 months old, who weigh between 5 and 10 kg, and you can give one a day. This pack consists of 10 sachets of 7 sticks.

The Ultra Premium Direct dental stick, made from 90% chicken

These Premium Dental Sticks are dog chew sticks made without grains. This recipe is 90% chicken. They are suitable for dogs of all sizes. The ingredients have been chosen to improve your dog’s oral hygiene. Plant fibers exert a mechanical action on the teeth and gums during chewing, thus gently removing tartar for healthier teeth. The triangular shape of the sticks ensures optimal dental contact and effective cleaning of teeth and gums.

What are the consequences of poor oral hygiene in dogs?

The consequences of poor dog oral hygiene are numerous and can be serious. The main one is bad breath, also called halitosis. It is not dangerous for the animal, it is rather unpleasant for these masters!

On the other hand, poor dental hygiene also promotes the appearance of dental plaque and tartar. Redness and increased sensitivity of the gums are then observed. The bacteria then lodge at the base of the gums, causing increasingly painful infections. Teeth can start to shift and fall out, and if gingivitis is still untreated, the jaw bones can also become damaged.

In the worst-case scenario, bacteria from your pet’s poorly maintained mouth travels through the bloodstream and contaminates vital organs. It could therefore be a life-threatening emergency!

How to take care of your dog’s teeth?

To brush your dog’s teeth, you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste, just like for humans. On the other hand, it is necessary to take a special toothpaste for dogs, which does not cause stomach upset. The ideal is to make it yourself, by mixing half a tablespoon of baking soda in a tablespoon of water. Do not hesitate to add a little bit of beef or chicken broth, so that your animal is ready to play with pleasure. Dog toothbrushes usually come in the form of a small tube that slips over the index finger. So it’s up to you to run your finger over the dog teeth.

You can also maintain your dog’s teeth by giving him treats to chew on. There are special treats to clean the back teeth, and to give a good breath to the animal. Finally, the fact of gnawing its various toys promotes good dental hygiene in the animal.

Finally, even if all these tips are very effective in reducing the appearance of dental plaque, you must regularly take your pet to the veterinarian for a descaling.

Can you train a dog with oral treats?

Oral treats are generally very palatable and are enjoyed by dogs of all ages. In addition, they contain good quality ingredients, which are not dangerous for dog teeth. These treats are therefore all purchased to participate in the training sessions!

Motivated by the promise of being able to nibble on his favorite stick if he obeys well, your dog will be all ears during his learning. Keep a few in your pocket or in a dedicated satchel, so that you can reward your pooch as soon as he obeys a new order.

Of course, these are still treats and you don’t have to hand them out throughout the day. Under no circumstances can this constitute the animal’s main diet. It must remain something exceptional: your dog will be all the more motivated to invest in his training session!

What should you pay attention to when buying a dental treat for dogs?

Take a good look at the shape of oral treats before buying them. The most effective for cleaning teeth have rough edges. also check that they have a very hard texture, which the dog will find difficult to chew.

You should also choose treats that are appropriate for your dog’s weight. In general, these delicacies are classified by bands: 0 – 10 kg, 10 – 25 kg, etc.

Also, if your dog has bad breath, you can buy special treats to fight halitosis. These usually contain active ingredients, which are very effective in refreshing the soufflé.

Finally, carefully evaluate the composition of the treats, especially if your pet has a sensitive stomach. Avoid recipes containing gluten.

Can oral treats replace brushing teeth in dogs?

Oral treats come in addition to brushing your teeth. Brushing your doggie’s teeth is really the most effective solution for removing as much tartar as possible. In addition, you do not forget any corner of the animal’s mouth and you can access the back teeth.

Even though treats are very effective in reducing the arrival of dental plaque, they cannot sneak in everywhere. Also, treats are not always able to dislodge bits of food from getting stuck between the fangs. Only the bristles of the toothbrush can overcome it!

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