What animals to see in Australia?

Australian mammals

Among the emblematic animals of the island-continent, we find the koala, the kangaroo, the quokka, or the wombat. In total, Australia is home to more than 140 species of marsupials.

There are also endemic carnivores. Australia’s largest is the dingo, a wild dog found everywhere except Tasmania.

Conversely, it is only in Tasmania that one can observe a small predator that has become very rare: the Tasmanian devil.

Not to be missed either, the monotremes. These are mammals that… lay eggs. This is particularly the case of the platypus, an endemic semi-aquatic mammal, recognizable by its duck beak. Or the echidna, a small hedgehog-like animal with a long beak.

Marine mammals are also numerous, such as whales, dolphins, killer whales, seals and sea lions, or dugongs.

Australia’s birds

More than 800 species of birds are present on the island-continent. Among them, about 55 species of parrots, with spectacular plumage.

Other spectacular species, the emu, a bird of almost 2 m, capable of reaching 50 km/h, but unable to fly. Or the cassowary, capable of reaching 1.80 m, and considered to be the most dangerous bird in the world. Equipped with sharp claws, it can become very aggressive if it feels threatened.

There are also 200 species of seabirds found along the coasts. Among them, pelicans and penguins.

Australia’s reptiles

Australia is also known for its poisonous snakes. It is also there that we find 21 of the 25 deadliest species in the world. Among them, the brown snake, the tiger snake, or the desert taipan.

But the country is home to even more formidable reptiles: crocodiles, and in particular saltwater crocodiles. These animals can exceed 5 meters, and are as comfortable in fresh water as in sea water.

Also to be observed, sea turtles. Six species can be found: the flatback turtle, the green turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the leatherback turtle, the loggerhead turtle and the olive ridley turtle.

Not to mention many lizards.

Australian fish

Australia offers a unique ecosystem, where more than 4,000 species of fish live. The Great Barrier Reef is a paradise for many marine species. There are many exotic fish there, such as the famous clownfish… not to mention sharks, including great white sharks, tiger sharks and bulldog sharks, or even whale sharks.

Australian spiders

There are several thousand species of spiders in Australia. Animals that are found… everywhere, including in homes. And as with snakes, many of them are particularly dangerous. This is particularly the case of the Australian tarantula Atrax robustus (in English, “Sydney funnel-web spider”), the red-backed black widow, or the black spider.

Some impressive phenomena also occur when severe weather hits the country. To avoid drowning, type spiders Stiphidiidae launch threads of silk in order to be carried by the wind, forming waves of flying spiders.

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