Well-being: Can you come to the office with your dog in Luxembourg?


WelfareCan you come to the office with your dog in Luxembourg?

LUXEMBOURG – Luxembourg’s labor code and civil service regulations did not include a provision preventing employees from coming to work with their pets. But there are conditions.

Bringing your dog to the office is possible.

The city of Paris will authorize its agents who are not in contact with the public to work with their pet, subject to the agreement of the hierarchy and colleagues. A news that has provoked debate among our French neighbors, both the divergent opinions on the subject. “Most of the time I haven’t had a problem, except in a company where some people have complained”, testifies Romain *, employed in Luxembourg, in the service sector, who is used to coming with his dog. at his place of work.

The young man explains that he has never had to deplore a refusal from an employer, everything being negotiated beforehand. And for good reason, nothing in theory prevents a person from arriving at the office with his dog or his cat, “the Luxembourg labor code does not provide for any provision concerning pets”, indicates the Ministry of Labor to The essential.

“The welfare of the animal must be respected”

The Ministry of Labor

“If the internal regulations do not provide for provisions on this subject, the employer can authorize it, following negotiations on working conditions or within the framework of social dialogue within the company”, specifies- does it again.

Same tolerance concerning civil servants “provided that the position of the agent allows it”, and subject to validation by the head of administration. “It is obviously also necessary that the well-being of the animal is respected at all times”, continues either the ministry. A question of common sense also, the nature of the pet being imposed. It’s hard to imagine an office worker carrying his snake to the workplace…

Good for health

The prospect of seeing the presence of pets alongside their masters develop is in line with the desire of workers to strengthen well-being at work, in the same way as the rise of teleworking and better work-life balance.

“Many scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of the presence of an animal on health”, argued Florence Berthout, mayor of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, at the origin of the proposal in the French capital, citing a study by 2017 according to which this presence leads to a “23% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease”.

*Name has been changed

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