Welcome to Xambo, the baby okapi born at the Antwerp zoo… who already has a little something special!

This is the second baby okapi born this year at Antwerp Zoo! Seven months after the birth of little Xandor, welcome to Xambo, born on October 7 in a welcoming environment since the Antwerp structure is recognized for its protection of this endangered species.

Xambo is a beautiful okapi baby who, after two hours, can already understand himself standing alone, under the gaze of his mother Zaire. “He is a handsome guy with a height at the withers of 72 cm. His weight of 17.5 kg is perfectly proportioned to his size”says Carina, caretaker at Antwerp Zoo. “It’s a beautiful animal with large protruding ears with the typical stripes of the okapi on the hindquarters. Maman Zaire takes good care of her little male.”

And Xambo already has a particularity noticed by Patrick, who has been working at the Zoo with the okapis for more than 32 years. Yes, instead of having a bluish tongue like his other congeners, Xambo has a pink tongue! Just like its predecessor, Xandor. “Having two pink-tongued okapi is absolutely uniquenotes Patrick.

Did you know ? Gestation for a female is 14 months! And the entire birth in Zaire was filmed and broadcast on the internet.


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