“We are not heroes, we do not want to be” – Liberation

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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

In one year, the activity of the emergency services has increased sharply. Nicolas Peschanski, from the Rennes University Hospital, deplores the degraded working conditions of these caregivers and expresses his exhaustion concerning the heroic dimension which is generally attributed to them.

“The hospital held.” This chimera has been repeated over and over throughout the pandemic. However, from the deconfinement, the colleagues had alerted. In July 2020, Oihan, 34, an emergency doctor in Toulouse, clearly warned me: “We were given temporary means to get through the crisis, which, in practice, correspond to the means we would need to work decently in normal times. Three-quarters of these resources were taken over as soon as the mess was over and we were kindly explained that yes, but hey, don’t mess around either, huh, all that costs money.

As summer approaches, the appointment to the Ministry of Health of François Braun, former president of the Samu Urgences de France union, has been presented as a positive sign, the adviser’s flash mission becoming the minister’s roadmap, with immediate organizational start-up. The observation made at the end of July by the board of directors of its own union reveals the gap between this declared voluntarism and the reality on the ground.

12.1% increase in activity in one year

An online survey of teams of emergency professionals paints a disturbing picture of the s…


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