Wattrelos prepares its first animal welfare fair

Animal welfare will be at the heart of a fair organized by the city on October 1 and 2 at the Salle Salengro. Animal rights associations and professionals can still register.

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The organization of an animal welfare fair is on track in Wattrelos. It is a question of bringing together in one place, the Salengro room, for a weekend, on October 1 and 2, the actors who ensure the protection of domestic animals (cats, dogs, rabbits) and new company (hamsters, mice, turtles, insects, snakes, etc.). ” This show is for those who love animals and want to learn more about the best way to take care of them. explains Émeline Boitte, animal welfare and educational farm adviser.

“If we want to defend animal welfare, we cannot cage animals and expose them for a whole weekend”

The latter warns, however, that you should not expect to see animals during this event. ” If we want to defend animal welfare, we cannot cage animals and expose them for a whole weekend, that would be inconsistent. “, specifies the young adviser. Photos and videos of animals for adoption will be suffered.

Tips for understanding your animal

It is the local associations that work daily to save the animals that will be honored at this show, like the Roubaix Cat School, which are already responsible for the sterilization of stray cats in the town, or Les Papattes douces, a group of animal professionals united in association to bring tips for owners pets and create events.

Naturopaths and animal osteopaths, canine and feline educators, petsitting, behaviorists will be there, at conferences or behind the stands. The LPA, the Happy Bunny association, specialized in the care of rabbits, will also be there.

For those who do not have an animal, it is also an opportunity to explain that it is a choice that should not be made lightly, that animals have needs that must be to respect », invites Émeline Boitte, always looking for associations in the sector who would not participate in this first event.

For any information on the show, contact Émeline Boitte at [email protected]

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