waterfowl and feather hunting banned in 20 towns in the Somme after the discovery of an outbreak in Eu

The hunting of waterfowl and feathers is prohibited in 20 communes of the Somme following an order determining a regulated perimeter after the discovery of an outbreak of avian flu at the Beaumont farm in Eu in Seine-Maritime .

Following a prefectural decree taken on Tuesday September 20, hunting for waterfowl and feathered birds, as well as game bird releases are prohibited in 20 towns in the Somme.

A decision which follows the discovery of an outbreak of avian flu at the Beaumont farm located nearby, in the commune of Eu in Seine-Maritime.

Thus a regulated perimeter, in view of this highly pathogenic focus, has been set up.

Two municipalities represented in the protective areai.e. 3 kilometers from the home:

  • Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle
  • Oust Marest.

18 others are placed in monitoring areai.e. contained within 10 kilometers of the focus:

  • Allenay
  • Ault
  • Beauchamps
  • Bettencourt-sur-Mer
  • Bourseville
  • Buigny les Gamaches
  • Dargnies
  • Embreville
  • Fressenville
  • Friaucourt
  • Friville Escarbotin
  • Gamaches
  • Meneslies
  • Seas les Bains
  • Saint-Quentin-la-Motte-Croix-au-Bailly
  • tuly
  • Woincourt
  • Yzengremer

The protection zone may be lifted no earlier than 21 days”after the end of the preliminary operations of cleaning and purification of the last contaminated hearth and after the realization of the visits in all the establishments keeping birds of the zone making it possible to conclude that there is no suspicion or case of avian influenza in the zone“, specifies the decree. For the surveillance zone, it will take 30 days at the earliest after the end of these same operations.

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