Warpaws – Play as dogs and cats in this new RTS on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

Developped by Slipgate Steel Plant and 2B Games, paws of war presents itself as a Tactical RTS set in an alternate world using World War II weaponry, and you played dogs and cats instead of soldiers. Expected during the first quarter of the year 2023 on Nintendo Switch and supports competitors, we let you discover the game’s presentation trailer below.

It’s time to answer the eternal question: which is better, cats or dogs? Warpaws invites us to experience it in all-out war through the lens of classic art, inspired by cartoons and slapstick. Command canine corps or feline forces and use superior strategic planning and abilities to capture key control points from enemy units to dominate the map.

Unleash strategic carnage with 16 different units across five war-torn biomes. Deploy spies for stealth confrontations, send in bazooka-wielding soldiers to dominate skirmishes on the sand dunes, or assemble a mix of gunners, engineers and arsonists ready for anything. Each unit is self-sufficient; instead of replacing them with direct upgrades, all characters have their own specialties.

Fight in a single-player campaign or compete against other players in a variety of multiplayer modes. Call on a trusted ally and take down AI forces in co-op mode, battle them in online versus mode, or become the King of the Hill champion. Master every map – Desert, Polar, Lava, City, Islands – and take advantage of the terrain. Destroy frozen lakes to drown platoons, drag your opponents into snowstorms, or even trick them into swimming with sharks.


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