Warpaws is a real-time strategy game between dogs and cats (but with weapons)

Is the era of real-time strategy games back? Many announcements point in this direction, and the latest confirms the trend. Fulqrum Publishing unveiled today paws of waran opposing STR dogs to cats.

Attention, we are not talking here about cute little battles with claws and fangs, but about militarized species engaging a merciless war. Developped by Slipgate Steel Plantthis STR with an offbeat theme is intended to be serious, and will be ” focused on unit management, with no resources or complex base building“. Without being really new, this idea is particularly interesting since some people find base building sometimes frustrating or boring, and this approach therefore makes it possible to get down to business faster. Capturing specific objectives will allow you to recruit new units, but managing them will be essential!

paws of war will have to PvPbut also story of a campaign so playable both solo and in co-op. Fulqrum however did not specify if this one embodies us a particular species or, if on the model of the trilogy Starcraft IIspecific campaigns will tell a bigger story ; the concept proposed by Blizzard was really fun, so we wouldn’t see it again here!

Without further ado, you can discover the trailer of paws of war below :

While waiting to see the gameplay, we must recognize that the basic concept is rather interesting, as long as it is well installed. As seen recently with Wandervideo games having animals for protagonists can be real nuggets, and paws of war looks promising in that regard. The artistic direction, which oscillates between Pixar and cartoonsis reminiscent Towards and its insane and exciting battles.

In any case, we hope to have new information very soon, while waiting for the release scheduled for during 2023 ; in the meantime, feel free to add paws of war in your wishlist on Steam!

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