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Vigilance orange heat wave in Isère from Tuesday August 2, 2022

Updated on 02/08/2022

Press release of August 2, 2022


Grenoble, July 31, 2022

Isère placed on alert orange at the heat wave

Météo France places the department of Isère on the alert yellow from this Tuesday August 2. According to his expectations, temperatures can reach 35° at 37°C during the day with night temperatures above 20°C.

If at this stage no activity ban is taken, the prefect of Isère recalls the following precautionary instructions to protect against the harmful effects of heat:

• drink water regularly without waiting to feel thirsty

• cool off and wet your body several times a day

• eat enough and do not drink alcohol

• do not go out during the hottest hours, and spend several hours a day in a cool place

• qualified your accommodation at the expense

• if you must go out, wear a hat and light clothing

• avoid physical exertion

• remember to give regular updates to your loved ones

• consult the Météo-France website regularly for information.

For vulnerable people (people over the age of 65, infants, young children under 4, people with disabilities or sick at home, dependent people), vigilance must be increased:

• check in with older, isolated, or chronically ill people you know or visit them twice a day

• take them to a cool place

• in case of illness or behavioral problems, call a doctor

• if you need help, call the town hall.

For more information, you can consult the following sites:

• simple actions to adopt on the Twitter account @santeprevention





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