VIDEO. Jeanne Mas meets Etienne, the young bull escaped from a slaughterhouse

The singer Jeanne Mas, committed to the animal cause, visited the young bovine cared for by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and boarded on a farm in Seine-Maritime.

The story made headlines. In the middle of summer, at the beginning of August 2021, a young bull named Etienne had escaped from a slaughterhouse in Fleurs, in the Loire department. The young bull then headed for the city center of the town, running through the streets before taking refuge, frightened, in a wood.

The firefighters then anesthetized the animal, making it unfit for consumption for 35 days. Animal defenders then launched a petition and a kitty to try, within this time, to save Etienne from death. Nearly 30,000 Internet users had mobilized and the young bovine was ultimately not returned to the slaughterhouse.

Alerted, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation took care of Etienne and took him to Normandy, between Rouen and Dieppe, to one of the foundation’s partner farms.

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VIDEO: Jeanne Mas meets Etienne, the young bull supported by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

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On June 21, 2022, a little less than a year after the rescue of the young bull, the singer Jeanne Mas visited Etienne, at Patrick Dufour’s farm where he is boarding, alongside other animals victims of deficiencies and /or abuse.

“What is very touching is to know that all these animals have been saved and that today they can live in peace and security”

The case of the young bull Etienne did not leave him indifferent: “What moved me was this desire to live on the part of what is considered an animal destined for the slaughterhouse, her desire to live which pushed her to get out of the truck and flee to save her life, to save her own skin…”

“And I think Etienne was very lucky to have come across a team of firefighters who anesthetized him rather than shooting him. And the Bardot Foundation was able to find him this magnificent place where he will be able to grow up and live.”

The singer, who has been campaigning for the animal cause for years (she was a vegetarian for a long time before becoming vegan) supports the actions of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

During her last concerts, Jeanne Mas sold many personal items, such as jewelry and stage clothes, for the benefit of Etienne.

VIDEO: Jeanne Mas meets Etienne, the young bull rescued from the slaughterhouse and cared for by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation

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In the pasture of the farm after meeting her protege for the very first time, Jeanna Mas presented a check to the deputy director of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.
A donation that will finance the next two years of Etienne’s pension.

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