VIDEO. Dogs cry with joy when they find themselves at their master’s, “it’s the hormone of attachment”

“Dogs can cry with joy when they find their owner,” explains Hélène Gateau, veterinarian and journalist. The phenomenon has been observed many times by dog ​​owners, but this is the first time that it has been scientifically proven.

In a Japanese study published in the journal Current Biology, scientists measured the amount of tears produced by dogs when they found their master. The experiment was conducted with the very sophisticated Schirmer test which consisted of putting strips under the eyes.

“The amount of tears is significantly greater when the dog finds its owner,” says the veterinarian. According to the researchers, this production of tears is linked to the presence of oxytocin, nicknamed “the hormone of attachment”. “These tears could have the function of waiting for their master in order to have more attention, food or protection”, continues the veterinarian.

Attention dog owners not to put too much intensity in the reunion every day. “The departure and return home must be non-events so that absences are well experienced and do not lead to states of stress in the animal”, warns Hélène Gateau.

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