Video. Cranes back in Limousin

They are eagerly awaited every year. The cranes are back in Haute-Vienne as in these images shot in Limoges and Saint-Gilles-les-Forêts.

They are carefully produced each year during the fall. Driven away by the arrival of the cold in the Northeastern Europe, Scandinavia, Germany or Western Siberiacranes migrate to winter in France, the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

For the past few days, these beautiful common cranes have been passing through the skies of Limousin, revealed and filmed by our colleagues Carole Maillard in Saint-Gilles-les-Forêts on October 18 and in Limoges by Colyne Rongère this Saturday October 22.

We can also follow this migration on a dedicated website of the LPO Champagne-Ardenne (Bird Protection League). Thus, the mild weather last weekend (good weather and little wind) encouraged travel on the traditional migration diagonal: Patrick Précigout, a passionate observer in Haute-Vienne, notes as well as 1431 cranes were counted on October 22 in Flavignac in Haute-Vienne.

“It’s really the very beginning of the migration. This weekend, 2500 birds crossed the Limousin, confirms Franck Taboury of the Limousin Bird Protection League.

In Limousin, they are just passing through. In case of bad weather, they wait for the conditions to improve and spread out. When there is a North / North-West wind, they tend to pass through Corrèze. When the wind is South / South – East, we observe them more in the north of Haute-Vienne.

Franck Taboury of the Limousin Bird Protection League.

Still according to Franck Taboury, the passage of these common cranes is linked to the presence of water surfaces – and the specialist adds that “they sleep with their feet in the water” – but also “to the presence of food, namely the corn”. Mid-October is a traditional observation period for the passage of cranes in Limousin. But climate change can delay the migration by a few days, or even a few weeks, or lead to wintering in less distant lands, particularly in France. This is why these magnificent birds are observed at Lac du Last Fr Champagne, in the region of Brenne (Indre) but also on the site of Arjuzanx in the Landes.

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