VIDEO – Amiens: “aggressive” gulls exasperate the inhabitants

Cries, droppings, ransacking of garbage cans… The nuisances are multiple. Besides that, “they are rather aggressivea resident explained to the TF1 13H team. “It brings nuisance”, adds a second. But how to explain their presence in the city? According to the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), these are “the waste, the and the trash cans” that attract them. The presence of a landfill area in Boves and Saint-en-AmiĆ©nois, not far from Amiens, does not help matters. Especially since because of the reduction of natural areas, gulls come where there is plenty, even if it means moving away from the coasts.

And, since 2008, their number has continued to increase, the workforce being local moreover “swollen with migrants, after the breeding season”, as the Observatoire Picardie Nature explains on its website. So for the inhabitants, it is too much. “By the sea, there are many of them, that’s where we are used to seeing them. In the city center, it’s not normal. It creates a phenomenon of caution”explains Michelle Jolly, president of the Saint-Anne Faubourg de Noyon district committee, in Amiens. “You just have to look up to see their presence.”


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