VIDEO. A skeletal horse, abandoned by its owner on vacation, saved by the SPA and the 30 Million Friends Foundation

An extremely thin horse was rescued by the Vaucluse SPA and the 30 Million Friends Foundation, in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas, in the Gard. The animal, abandoned by its owner who went on vacation, was transferred near Barjac, to an equine refuge where he is regaining his strength.

It was passers-by who jointly alerted the SPA Vauclusienne and the 30 million friends Foundation about this affair, about ten days ago. In a paddock, located in the town of Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas in the Gard, they were horrified by the state of extreme thinness of a horse who also suffered from significant lesions and infections in the penis. .

This 31-year-old horse was in the company of a donkey and a pony, equines which were not in a situation of health distress. “Suffering from a tooth problem, this horse was unable to graze and could only eat pellets, but his owner having gone on vacation in August, he is left to himself, without care, in a situation of abandonment. , for at least two weeks” explains Philippe Kayer, lawyer at the SPA Vauclusienne.

According to him, there will be no legal action in this case, the mayor of the town having amicably convinced the owner to let the associations take charge of the animal.

“Tristan” was transferred to an equine shelter near Barjac on Friday August 26. The 30 Million Friends Foundation posted a video of the horse on its tweeter account.

Reached by telephone, Anne Batailler, the president of the association “Equi-libre retirement and protection of the horse”, we recounted her amazement when she saw the animal: “En 22 years, I’ve seen skinny horses, but this one is the worst of all! “

We managed to stabilize her condition after 10 days, with meals every four hours, day and night. He has already had two vet visits, we are rather optimistic, even if he is still unable to get up on his own.

Anne Batailler, CEO Equilibre, Barjac (Gard)

For the moment, all the costs of food, care and visits to the veterinarian are covered by the SPA Vauclusienne, the owner of Tristan having signed a deed of definitive transfer.

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