VIDEO. A five-meter white shark observed in the South of France

A video was taken this Monday, September 12, off the Mediterranean coast, five kilometers from Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, featuring the largest existing marine predator: the White shark. A big fright for the witnesses of the scene! The latter, on a walk in the waters of the Camargue, observed the animal for a few minutes, and even made a video of the beast which is no less than five meters long!

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Later, researchers will look into the subject and could indicate that it was a female white shark and that it still bore the marks of mating. The latter were also optimistic about the proliferation of the species which until 2018 was considered 98% extinct in Mediterranean.

These remarks were collected by our colleagues from the newspaper The Parisian. The presence of the animal so close to the coast would be linked to the high concentration of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean, whose fishing had previously been controlled. For researchers, this is a sign of success. Also, marine protected areas make it a pleasant area for the species, although this may worry some boaters.

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