Veterinarians warn of cases of dogs poisoned after ingesting garden nuts

Does your dog have fun with nuts from the garden? Be careful, these are dangerous for him and many veterinarians warn owners about cases ofsevere poisoning. We give you the key to act and prevent your dog from getting sick.

Dog: veterinarians warn of poisoning with nuts

When your dog ingests nuts, they can cause very severe symptoms. Veterinarians warn the owners in this season offall because dogs love to play with walnut fruit. Unfortunately, if your pooch plays with it, it must be removed without delay. Here is the list of symptoms that the ingestion of nuts can cause in your pet:

  • vomitings,

  • neurological disorders

  • tremors

  • seizures

  • difficulty moving

  • paralysis

  • excessive salivation

  • an increase in heart rate.

Note that their shell, meanwhile, can clog your dog’s digestive tract. In addition, those that are moldy produce mycotoxins which are also dangerous forRead more about My Garden & My Home

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